Gestalt-therapy and Maternology



I am specialized in Gestalt therapy, also called contact therapy. Individual or couple, it’s about mobilizing a relational dynamic to help you take shape, organize yourself, build yourself…

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Stress management & Burnout

Preventing or treating a burnout, managing stress, calming insomnia and anxiety … These discomforts can be due to a specific shock or buried deeper in your subconscious.

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Martine Jouffroy Valton est spécialiste en maternologie et thérapieliée à la grossesse


We estimate now that 10 to 15% of mothers have experienced maternal difficulties. This can range from baby blues to postpartum depression.

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Martine Valton-Jouffroy est psychologue à Bruxelles et Lille et spécialisée en Gestalt Thérapie et maternologie

I have been trained as a Psychotherapist for the last 15 years and my certification in Maternology enables me to support women and couples in the IVF process.

Perfectly bilingual in English and French, I can assist you as a psychotherapist to help you through those difficult periods of your life, in both professional and personal areas: burn-out, depression, panic attacks, suicidal ideas, divorce. As a Maternologist, I meet women before and after pregnancy that go through depression or anxiety (baby blues).

What are the main reasons to undertake psychotherapy? First of all, it is a personal question where the most important lies in the motivation to be helped when your energy is gone and when you need someone to help you understand the meaning of what is happening. The Gestalt therapy helps me to give a meaning to what is happening to you. It’s a middle term or long term work, according to each person, that is talked at the very beginning of our sessions.

I always propose a protocol of 3 sessions in order that we decide on mutual agreement to go for this project or not.

For a first appointment, without commitment, in Paris and Lille or Brussels if needed, feel free to contact me.


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