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Pains to understand, words to cure

Recurrent headaches or stomach pain, a repeatedly blocked back, eczema, hernia, sciatica, allergy … There are physical pains and diseases that originate from strictly mechanical problems, but others however have a psychological reason. The body then sends back messages that often hide an explanation that is complicated to express verbally. Yet when body aches express […]

Why am I obsessed by my appearance ?

Several factors influence the way women feel about their bodies, but the standards we’re given are often unachievable targets. For the majority of women, the fact of the matter is—and will always be—that it’s impossible to look like models or movie stars. Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves that they spend most of their […]

School stress: How can we help ?

Stress is a response of the body that is useful for survival. If an optimal stress level is necessary, what should we do when we exceed this level? Stress can give us a sense of being overwhelmed and frightened by everything that is requested from us and that drag us down. Our children feel that […]

A true place for dad

Whether the parents are together or not, the father’s role is fundamental throughout the child’s life, from birth to adulthood. Fathers, take your place! Fathers are sometimes present for the birth, but other times, they tend to lleave the mother alone to raise the child and deal with the hardships of growing up. Read more…

Your baby, his brothers and his sisters

When a baby arrives, everyone is overjoyed but he still represents a big change for parents and their other children. Everyone must get back in his place to leave room for the newcomer. Some brothers and sisters seem happy, others are aggressive and some regress. All this movement reflects emotions experienced by each one of […]